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Direct2hr Safeway login: Albertsons establishes a wonderful relationship with their employees by extending outstanding Services that do benefit the most in different spheres of work Activity. The Company has released two specific apps that Concentrate on Two Self-Service Activities, such as, myACI, and myschedule designed and devised by Safeway online.

myACI is an Automated HR Service system that an Employee can access on every sort of device. The HR service system provides login credentials to employees to make easy access to their employee details. mySchedule is an exclusive HR software that enables employees to make access to their weekly schedules and even request time off. Active employees can contact the service desk at 877.286.3200 to sort out queries if any.

Direct2hr Safeway Login: Albertsons Employee Login

1st Step: The Employees of Albertson’s company will have to go through the Direct2hr portal i.e.

2nd Step: The employees will get the Albertson’s company Login page on the screen.

Direct2hr Safeway login

3rd Step: The Employees should make an entry of the employee number or the username and one-time-password PIN in the password field, and click the login button.

Direct2hr Safeway login fill details

4th Step:

Scenario 01: The Direct2hr Safeway portal may not have delivered the one-time PIN code then the employee is expected to click the action button of Please enter the one-time PIN code. The webportal shall deliver the one-time-password PIN and the employee must fill in the password and access the login credentials. 

Scenario 02: Reset the Password on the Webportal:

  • An employee may have forgotten a password and for its recovery, one must reset the password with a new password.
  • The employee can request a one-time PIN code by approaching the Request a one-time PIN code link and clicking the link to obtain a temporary password.
reset password

5.  One must follow the instructions and make an easy and speedy retrieval of the password.

Steps to Recover Employee’s Password, @Login Page:

1.  An employee will have to operate on the browser and reach the official login page.

2.  On the Albertsons Employee login page, the employee must hit the ‘forgot my password’ action button and wait for the instructions and adopt the procedure as stated. 

Main Functions of the direct2HR Safeway Payroll Web Portal for Albertsons Workforce:

1. Direct2HR Safeway payroll maintains electronic records of Albertson’s workforce and they manage the work activities of the employees in several areas.

2. The HR webportal manages the employee’s work hours, issues notifications, and informs on work availability, transfer, vacations, payroll, etc. In addition, the Direct2hr Portal connects employees with their customers and updates the employee’s data.

3. The HR software is capable of generating work schedules for their employees, validating timesheets, and managing employee requests.

Success Story of Safeway, the Start-Up in 1915:

1. M.B. Skaggs bought his father’s business in the Idaho town of American Falls and spread across 10 States with 428 Skaggs stores by 1926.

2. The Secret of success was to benefit customers the most by making a narrow margin of profits.  

3. Registered in the New York Stock Exchange, M.B. maintained a highly stable business during the Great Depression and even then gave utmost priority to their customers.

4. Safeway did introduce pricing by the pound started setting sell-by dates to keep up freshness, and turned nutritional labels.

Safeway in Current Times:

1. Safeway has changed to Albertsons Companies and is considered to be the largest food and drug retailer in the USA.

2. Currently, the company is spread across 35 states, and in Columbia, it operates in 20 banners.

3. Albertsons companies do stay committed to making the lives of people better in their neighborhoods.

4. Albertsons Companies have indulged in supporting financially and providing food, aggregating to $300 million in 2017 alone.

5. The company’s activity has helped people in countless manner. They are hunger relief, cancer research, research, education, and tailored programs for people with disabilities.

6. In the current times, four companies have merged into one entity under the brand name Albertsons, and they are Albertsons, Shaw’s, Vons, & Safeway. 

Direct2HR Payroll Employee Portal & its Benefits:

Albertsons have created an employee web portal to benefit their employees in several ways. The entire operations are run by the Human Resource Management and they are in direct communication with the company’s employees. A few benefits to their employees are:

1. Employees can get in contact with the management and also interact with other employees on an interactive platform.

2. Employees’ work details are uploaded on the webportal on a daily basis on the web portals.

3. Employees can seek a detailed logbook that Comprises their work performances.

4. Employees can make a note of their bonuses based on their Job performance.

5. The Company can make a Quick and clear analysis based on which bonuses can be paid through complete transparency.

6. An employee can visit the vacation calendar and the expenses covered on the sponsored vacations.

7. The direct2HR portal has made provisions for the employees in which one can request a license.

8. Over the direct2HR network, employees are permitted to connect with their customers online.

9. Direct2HR software issues discounts and offers to their employees. The Online Portal of is the HR department’s link Specifically designed to enter into Albertson’s official portal.

10. An employee can make an entry into their designated webportal either by Computer Desktop or Smartphone (mobile).

Login at Albertson’s Website on Mobile App (Direct2HR) in Six Simple Steps:

Albertson’s official portal is also available on mobile devices. To do this, you need to follow the six steps below:

1. An employee must approach the App Store (Apple/PlayStore) and then make a download of the officially designated Direct2HR app.

2. The employee must continue the process of installation on the mobile device after completion of the download. To use the application, the employee must open the mobile app by hitting the menu icon. 

3. Albertsons mobile app shall expose the Direct2HR home screen, enter the employee account ID in the first field (username), and click the login link made available on the top of the screen to seek access to the login page.

5. The employee must enter the Direct2HR login password and click the ‘login’ button again.

6. Employees shall be let in Albertsons by administering login credentials from anywhere, anytime. The mobile app is an automated HR service solution and one can find easy access to the official website.

Simple Registration Process at

1. Every employee working for Albertson and the associated companies, Shaw, Vons, and Safeway will have to register at to execute their login credentials.

2. An employee should reach out the direct page i.e. in the browser and click the search button to get into the direct2hr login page.

3. The search engine shall open the official website on the browser, and the employee must click the action button to register on the website.

4. The employee must enter the essential data and make a submission. At the time of registration, the employee is expected to follow the instructions and one can seek the help of the human resource services if necessary.

Points to Remember!

Albertson owns Shaw’s, Vons, and Safeway employees and hence all the employees use login credentials to share the same web platform of direct2hr Portal.

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