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Key2benefits Login: Under the directions of the US State Agency to the Key2benefits Online bank, prepaid debit cards are issued to the beneficiaries (Individuals). Yes, the online Keybank issues prepaid cards to those (Individuals) who have opted for the below-described programs.

The US Citizens must have enrolled with their respective States to enjoy the benefits under the programs such as:

  • Workers Compensation
  • State Supplement Assistance
  • Pension Funds
  • Adult Public Assistance/General Assistance
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Housing Authorities
  • Child Support Payments
  • Unemployment Insurance

1. Key2benefits bank provides its services to the people of the US who are enrolled in the above-mentioned government programs.

2. The bank operates as per the instructions obtained from the state agencies and every beneficiary (individual) will have to update the required details such as personal details at the State Agencies and they in turn inform the updations to the key2benefits bank for changes if any.

3. For instance: The Beneficiaries of the program fund can get their Queries answered such as unemployment insurance payments, debit card funding processing, etc, at the state agency website/ Contact center. Alternatively, the beneficiary of the program can make the change of address with KeyBank by making a direct call at 866-295-2955/State of Indiana (833-459-3452) to have a one-on-one conversation.

Key2benefits Login:

1. The beneficiary must enter into the portal to access the login credentials.

2. The beneficiary must scroll down the page and enter the first nine digits of the card number and then click the ‘submit’ button.

Key2benefits login

3. The beneficiary must make an entry of the User ID and Password and click the continue button.

Resetting of the Beneficiary PIN:

1. The beneficiary must enter the login credentials and make an entry into the Key2Benefits account.

2. The beneficiary must utilize the change PIN made available on the left-hand menu. One must select the ‘Change PIN’ and then the Change PIN dialogue box shall appear on the display.

3. The beneficiary must type in the old PIN and then enter the new PIN twice for confirmation. Then, click the submit button.

Resetting the PIN by Utilising Automated Phone Service:

1. The beneficiary must pick the number made available on the back of the prepaid debit card.

2. The beneficiary must follow the instructions on the phone call, such as pressing a specific number when the beneficiary is an existing cardholder. Likewise, press specific numbers to activate, obtain balance, review transactions, or any other cardholder (beneficiary’s) information.

3. The beneficiary will have to make an entry of the card number, last 4 digits of SSN, and the CVV and then say change PIN.

4. The beneficiary can enter a 4-digit PIN and then re-enter the new PIN to validate the number.

Key2benefits Unemployment Card Status Check:

1. The Beneficiaries who wish to track the status of their Key2benefits Unemployment Card Status can visit the direct link i.e.

Keybank Dashboard

2. Tap on the Key2benefits Account Option and click the Check Card Status Option.

2. The beneficiaries will get the Key2benefits Card Status on screen. The Users should Fulfill the details and hit the submit button.

Card Staus of KeyBank Serves to the Fullest:

1. Keybank extends alerts/ Notifications to the beneficiary provided one must enroll for optional text/email alerts. Then, the beneficiary can receive messages such as zero or negative balance, address change, and fund additions.

2. Looking at the major benefits of key2benefits, the beneficiary must know about card activation procedures, login account on and password recovery, deactivation of prepaid card, etc. In the below-stated lines, one can find the unfolding of it.

Procedure for Card Holder Agreement/ Terms & Conditions/ Privacy Notification:

1. The Cardholder (Beneficiary) must enter the first nine digits that are mentioned on the front side of the key2benefits prepaid debit card.

2. Then, tick the Condition “I’m not a robot” and even click the box: Remember me, then click the submit button.

3.  When a beneficiary performs such an action, it means, the cardholder is in complete agreement with the aforesaid information. This procedure should be promoted before the card activation. 

Activation of the Prepaid Debit Card: After obtaining the prepaid debit card from the keybank the beneficiary must make a call to the number made available on the card and activate the card as per the telephonic instructions.

Set my PIN for the

1. The beneficiary must enter the first nine digits of the card number and then click the submit button.

2. Click on ‘New User? Enroll Now!’ at the bottom of the screen and then enter the 16-digit card number, PIN, and card security code (three numbers) mentioned on the right-hand side of the signature field.

3. Enter the code that is available in the shaded area and then click the continue button. 

4. After the successful entry of the information, the beneficiary will have to set up a user ID and password to access the card.

Key2Benefits Prepaid Card Is Applicable for:

1. Key2benefits cards can be utilized at instances wherever Mastercard® debit cards are permissible.

2. Beneficiaries can use the card to make online purchases, phone, and mail order purchases.

3. The prepaid debit card can be used to withdraw cash @ATM, or credit unions, and even obtain cash back on the purchased products when applicable.

4. On spending from Key2Benefits prepaid card,

5. The Funds of the beneficiaries are automatically debited from your Key2Benefits card balance.

Beneficiaries Prepaid Debit Card Balance Check:

1. With Internet Connection: The beneficiary must enter the login account of and one can check the card balance that appears on the top right-hand corner of the display screen.

2. No Internet Connection: The beneficiary can make a call to the number made available on the back of and one can make a call to check the balance from anywhere, anytime.

Beneficiary Lost a Prepaid Debit Card Need Replacement:

1. The Beneficiary must make a Call at 1-866-295-2955 and the caller must make a selection of the option of ‘Lost/Stolen’ from the call menu. After selecting the lost/stolen option, the CRM shall direct the call to a Customer service representative.

2. Beneficiaries may belong to the State of Indiana, and for any queries, one must speak to the customer service representative at 833-459-3452.

Prepaid Debit Card Lost/Stolen Instant Action by Beneficiary:

1. A beneficiary must immediately report the missing card at 1-866-295-2955 and 833-459-3452 when the beneficiary belongs to the State of Indiana.

2. The bank’s representative shall deactivate the card instantly and shall help you review the transactional history and further provide you with a new card.

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