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Navy ERP Portal Login

Navy ERP Portal is Microsoft IBM has launched the ERP program of the NAVY ERP on the cloud which was earlier maintained on the Navy system servers. Keeping in view the security concerns of the NAVY, IBM has initiated a way-in for Navy officers to enter into the cloud technology-driven ERP. On the cloud, Navy sailors can execute electronic records,  and in addition, an exclusive support in operating the supply chain management of the Navy spare parts across the Global Scenario.

Navy ERP Portal Login:

1st Step: Go to the IBM Navy ERP Portal i.e.

2nd Step: The Navy Sailor must enter the user name, and password and push the Login action button. The web portal shall direct to the Navy Sailor’s page from the login page. 

Navy ERP Portal Login

Scenario: The navy sailor may have forgotten the username or password then those can be retrieved through a simple process just to continue the access with the login page.

Forgot your Password:

1. The login web page provides the ‘forgot your password’ link just below the login’s action button.

Click forgot password of navy erp portal login

2. The sailor must click the link and the portal shall direct to the password recovery webpage.

3. The Navy Sailor must enter the email address and push the action button of Submit.

enter email id

4. The IBM Navy Erp Program web portal shall deliver a verification code to the verified email address and it should be addressed to choose a new password for executing the login credentials.

Forgot Username:

1. The Navy Sailor may encounter a similar situation where one might forget the username and the procedure of its retrieval is the same as explained above.

Click forgot Username of navy erp portal login

2. The Navy Sailor must click the forgot username link and then insert the verified email address in the empty box and push the action button of Submit.

3. The NavyERP web portal shall deliver the username to the verified email address which shall be one of the login credentials.

Prime Motive of Navy ERP (Supply Chain Solutions):

1.  The ERP supply chain solution projects the programme to make the Navy Financial Systems, a Consolidation of the single general ledger.

2.  By creating a single general ledger, the ERP can address queries more effectively and extend accurate financial data.

3.  With the availability of accurate financial info, Navy finance departments can gather better audit opinions and further rectify the flaws and thus improvise the service analytics. 

Navy Commands Implementing Navy ERP :

Navy ERP is made operational by all six major Navy Commands

They are:

  • Navy Air System Command (NAVAIR)
  • Navy Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
  • Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)
  • Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVAIR)
  • Office of Navy Research (ONR)
  • Navy Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR).  

Objectivity Behind the Navy ERP Cloud Program:

1. All Navy commands are connected to an integrated financial system that is in complacent with the financial management enterprise architecture (FMEA),

2. The Navy ERP software functions across all value chains and organizational boundaries bearing an end-to-end optimization.

3. The ERP software programs must integrate the supply chain channel in terms of acquisition and logistics operations ashore and afloat.

4. The Department of Navy aspires for a Navy ERP that can help Navy sailors in providing a world-class service. 

5. The Software should device techniques that enable it to deploy the spares (Supply/chain) to the maximum extent all within the budget limitations.

6. The ERP experts are entrusted with the identification of the additional opportunity and the associated return on investment (ROI).

7. The IBM team has created a vision of a single ERP solution that can support the various commands depending upon its deployment schedule and implementation guidance.

8. With the induction of the new Navy ERP governed by the IBM team, the ERP manages the ongoing production operations, and the induction of new command deployments of ERP in all the respective 11 commands.

9. Career Options at NAVY ERP: With the growing demand, the IBM Navy ERP team is speedily recruiting experts bearing SAP technical experience to be suitable to operational needs.

MyNavy Portal a Self-service Electronic Record for Sailors:

1. MyNavy Portal has integrated several activities of sailors such as personnel, education, and training for its easy usage at

Mynavy Portal page

2. The site is a composite fact of a single self-service portal meant to manage the job careers of sailors from their day of joining to the day they separate.

3. The MyNavy Portal has provided its latest updates.

4. The MyNavy Portal has changed quick links and about MNP pages to make it appear more user-friendly.

5. Navy Portal has designed a new appointment scheduler and this feature helps the sailors to manage their appointments with Navy College education counselors.

6. The counselors provide voluntary education guidance and facilitate their academic activity and foreign language tests.

7. The sailor can reach the education counselor by hitting the training education qualifications which reside in the Career and Life Event Section to get in contact with the scheduler.

8. This specific service provided by the MyNavy portal is also obtained at the Navy College Program website, and Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture.

9. The General Military Training (GMT) page has been redesigned with course listings simply and understandably. This webpage is identifiable at professional resources >> general skills training >> general military training.

Sailors Get Complete Self-service Info at Career & Life Event Categories:

1. MyNavy Portal is designed with about 10 career and life event categories, of them, ‘Collateral duty’ is removed and the remaining nine CLEs are placed one below another.

2. These are New to the Navy, Advancement & Promotions, Assignment, leave, Travel, Career Continuation, Deployment, pay and benefits, retirement and separation, sailor and family support, training, and education qualifications.

3. A sailor can access the above features by hitting the ‘Career and Life Event’ link on the tab.

The Sailors Can Contact for Self-Service Information Here!

Sailors can seek desk help @ 1-855-NAVY-311 (1-855-628-9311),

Sailors can Feel free and make a service request submission through MNP, or email @

The Navy Sea Warrior Program Office (PEO EIS PMW 240) manages MyNavyPortal.

Sailors intending to seek information on the Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) can visit the NETC website @ or

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