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Tdsb Staff Login: Toronto District School Board Runs Various Education Programs across Canada state. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) encourages e-learning programmes and the TDSB web portal is a Famous digital learning Platform in Canada. It is a good platform for parents, students, schools, and district school management. Many schools that run on different objectives have found space on this website.

These district schools run Elementary programs, secondary programs, alternative schools, e-learning programs, french programs, out-of-area admissions, special education, and inclusion programs. The Toronto District School Board has introduced a student information system that helps students to enroll for online Registration and it can be done for the academic year 2023-2024. Parents / Guardians will have to create an account for seeking admission and browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox are suggestive.

On this website, parents are allowed to utilize the link to register for their children. Your child may be required to seek admission for September 2023, 2023-24. Parents can register for K-Gr 12 for future Schools or Register @ Gr 9 – G 12 for schools with technical or commercial programs.

For students who are likely to enroll for technical or commercial programs, parents can fill in applications at Central Technical School, Central Toronto Academy, Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, Northern Secondary School, Western Technical-Commercial School, and Victoria Park Collegiate Institute.

Toronto District School TDSB Staff Login 2024:

1st Step: To sign-in the TDSB Staff Login page, the users need to Open the link

Staff and student login

2nd Step: The bright space online learning platform provides space for staff, students, and parents to make easy logins.

3rd Step: You can click on the staff and student login and it will lead to next page.

Staff and Student Login page

4th Step: You can enter the TDSB email address and then click the next button. You will have to click the password and then click the sign-in button. You will successfully log in to the TDSB elearning login account.

Parents & Guardians Login:

1. The Parents and guardians can reach out to the page and tap on the Parents and Guardians Login Opton.

parents / Guardians Login

2. If you are not registered can register using the Signup Option otherwise login using their Email Address and password.

parents and guadians login

Unable to login account: forgot password

1. If you are unable to log in to the page, then Users will have to click on the ‘can’t access your account’ link and you must select the account type. The website shall redirect to the new reset page.

2, You must enter the email or username, and then enter the characters in the captcha and click the next button.

3, You will be given the option to generate a new password and then after its confirmation, Click the next button.

4. As a result, your TDSB elearning login password shall be reset successfully.

Important Note:

1. Parents must fill out the application and upload the required documents that stand up as proof of the declared data. 

2. The required documents when registering K-Gr 12 for the child’s future school year to attend at TDSB school.

3. The parent must submit proof of age, proof of address, proof of immunization, and parents with immigration certificates need to submit specific documents.

4. Proof of Age: It can be a birth certificate,  certificate or baptismal record, Canadian Citizenship card, or Canadian passport.

5. Proof of Address: It can be a mortgage statement, property tax bill or notice of tax assessment, rental or lease agreement, home phone bill, insurance policy, or Utility bill such as hydro, gas, water, cable TV, internet, etc. However, you can forward original correspondence with the government agency or legal clinic as a second proof of address document.

Proof of Immunization:

1. You must produce proof of immunization at the following centers when you apply for admission online. And they can be done in the following manner.

2. You can report online at the web portal: Parents have another option to deliver the information to the immunization center, they can hand over the immunization information to the school. In turn, the school will send the mail copy to Toronto Public Health and they even translate foreign immunization records.

3. Parents are advised to approach toll number 416-392-1250 and check for exemptions if made available for kids.

4. A student is entitled to join the district school if the child is not a citizen of Canada, the parents are permanent residents, and refugee claimants can register at TDSBschools.

5. Students living without immigration status are entitled to seek admission without a legal immigration status policy.

6. Such students must provide details like name, date of birth, home address, origin, and arrival date in Canada.

7. The Documents that are scrutinized to prove it as immigration status are passport, birth certificate, and expired immigration documents. The student will have to provide supportive documentation such as an affidavit or individual recognized standing in the Toronto Community. They can be a family doctor, community shelter director, faith leader, etc.)

Benefits of TDSB online learning platform:

1. You can make self-enrollment for your interested programs you can join as per your time and defined schedules.

2. You can view the previously attended students to the opting courses and check its significance.

3. You are free to upload the supportive documents.

4. You can gain access to online resources such as study material, assignments, etc.

5. You can utilize the summer vacation by joining the courses to learn about your interests.

6. You can use the assignment module and then submit the work assignments over the web portal.

7. You will be provided tools to seek a direct connection with the educators to seek guidance.

8. You can organize your classes according to your convenience by making a mention of date, name, and any other.

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