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Alberta Student Loan Login: Are you aware that the education seekers in Alberta can obtain student financial aid? If you are the one opting for, then apply the login credentials at the Alberta student Loan login. Student financial aid is applicable for full-time/ part-time studies and more importantly, it is provided to students who belong to Alberta Provincial in Canada. A student must fulfill the eligibility criteria to obtain a loan amount, and on receiving the student loan one must adhere to the loan repayment procedures promptly.

Some may find it difficult to make the loan repayment in such circumstances, one can opt for loan forgiveness and assistance which is made permissible only after a thorough scrutiny. A student will have to undergo a simple student loan application process to get an Alberta Student Loan or Canadian Student Loan approval. The Entire process of logging student loan pages, creating an account, and the benefits you can derive from the various student loans can be understood in the upcoming lines.

Alberta Student Loan Login:

1. To enter the Alberta Student Loan Login page, the students will have to visit my loan student aid alberta Page i.e. and Tap on the Login option on the home page.

Alberta Student Loan Login page

2. If you are a returning student then you will have to click the link made available on the home page. And the weblink will lead to the login page.

2. You must enter the username and password and click the login action button and the webportal shall lead to the student loan page.

Alberta Student Loan Login

Forgot your Password or user name?

1. You may have forgotten the password and to retrieve the password, you must click the forgot password link and the web portal shall lead to a new dialog box.

2. The webportal shall open the trouble-shooting sign on the page and on the dialog box two elements, forgot password, and forgot username are made available.

3. If you have forgotten the password, then you must click the knob and a series of elements get displayed on the webpage.

4. You will have to enter your registered email address to which the webportal shall deliver the link through which you can recover the password.

5. You must confirm that you are not a robot by ticking the empty box and then clicking the recovery password action button for a recovery password link. 

6. Important Note: If you have forgotten the username then the same procedure must be employed as explained for the forgotten password.

Create an Account of Student Loan Logins:

1. If you intend to create an account then you must click the register account action button made available on the login page. You must enter the details carefully as they become a reference to access your account through login credentials.


2. You must enter the correct details such as username, email, confirm email, password and confirm password. Then, furnish the personal information details such as first name, and last name.

3. You must read the terms of use in detail and then click the box that indicates the complete agreement with the ‘terms of use’ and then click the ‘submit’ action button.

Eligibility Criteria for the First-time Student Loan Approval: 

1. A student can derive the benefits from the Alberta Student loan provided one must fulfill the following criteria.

2. You must be a citizen of Canada and hold a permanent residence or be inclusive under the protected person.

3. You must be a resident of Alberta having your stay for at least 12 consecutive years.

4. The scholarship programme shall be applicable only if you have enrolled in an eligible post-secondary program in a University, college, or technical institute.

5. A student opting for an academic student loan will have to maintain a good academic record through their studies.

Types of the Student Loans:

1. The provincial government in Alberta provides Alberta’s student loans and interest-free loans and its repayment is to be met under official conditions.

2. You will be given a student loan, an interest-free basis, and it is applicable when you are doing full-time courses in a school. The repayment of the loan begins from the completion of the six months after graduation or on leaving school.

3. The Canadian government issues student loans to eligible students and they are called federal loans and these loans are interest-free and the loan repayment terms are similar to the Albert Student loans.

Factors to Determine Before Applying for the Alberta Student Loan:

1. If you intend to apply for a loan you must understand the following issues and then consider them as guidance before you begin to apply for a post-secondary student loan.

2. You must thoroughly understand what the student aid is meant for.

3. You must decide which category you belong to, a full-time/part-time education seeker.

4. You must check for your eligibility and then gather all necessary information for your application.

5. To seek a student loan you must create a student aid account and then complete the application form and make its submission accordingly.

6. You must wait for the student loan approval.

7. Students Applying for the loans belong to two categories:

  • Applying for the first time.
  • Returning Users.

Applying for the first time:

1. You must visit the Alberta Student Aid website and then follow the instructions that involve you in filling out the online application process.

2. Following are the dates released for the two kinds of student education,

3. Full-time application from March 3 to 10, Part-time application from March 8 to 15, and then request for review ( RFR) will be between March 14 to March 21.

4. RFR schedule (4) will be between March 19 to March 26.

5. With more applications for processing, it may take much time or even exceed 45 days. For queries, you can contact the service center at 1-855-606-20961.

Returning Users: Since you have already taken Alberta student aid, you can make a reentry into the student aid login portal by quickly administering the login credentials available to you.

Essential Aspects of the Application Process:

1. After fulfilling all obligations on the Alberta Student Aid website, you may be required to furnish additional information such as income expenses, and your chosen program details.

2. Over a period, you will get a notice of assessment that reflects the loan amount you are most likely to get funded.

Loan Repayment Process:

1. On completion of your chosen education, you will be given the option to select the repayment assistance plan, RAP package.

2. As a thumb-rule you will be asked to make repayments exactly six months later on completion of your studies.

3. The selection of the repayment plan can include standard repayment or income driven repayment.

Interest and Grace Period:

1. Alberta Student Loan gives an interest-free loan for a period of six months after completion of the studies.

2. After that grace period, your loan amount shall be levied with an interest of prime rate plus 1%. 

Loan Forgiveness and Assistance:

1. Certain professionals after seeking a student loan are pardoned for failing to fulfil the loan repayment. They do belong to the categories such as doctors, nurses, and teachers as they work in the underserved areas.

2. If you are unable to make loan repayment then you can approach for loan assistance programs that help you to overcome the loan repayment crises.

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