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Tyresoles Login: Here is a tyre treatment company with a tagline, ‘getting the best out of your tyres’ where old tyres are retreaded at an affordable price. It is the company that surges into the market to support all versions of the vehicles in the Indian Tyre Industry. If you are a vehicle owner having plans to replace with new tyres, you can contact the Tyresoles tyre-making company on the web portal and gather tyre price list effortlessly. You can visit the official website designed by the Tyresoles tyre making company as www.typresoles.net or get in telephone connection at 02227431391.

Tyresoles Login:

1st Step: First the Customers should visit the Tyresoles Login Portal directly i.e. https://www.tyresoles.net/.

2nd Step: The Customers need to check the Dashboard and enter the details of User ID and Password. Customers need to check whether the details are Correct or not and tap on the Login button

tyresoles login

Forgot Password:

1. If the Customers forget their Password can utilize the Forgot Password Option on the Tyresoles Login page and recover it online. Go to the Login page and click the Forgot password Option as shown below.

Forgot password

2. Customers need to fill in the Email address and recover the Password.

Tyresoles Profile:

1. With six decades of experience in the field of retreading, the ownership of Tyresoles was held by Anglo-Thai Corporation, a unit. The company was transferred to Sah & Sanghi Group in 1973 through the process of acquisition. Steadily, the same company put up the Belgaum factory in 1984.

2. In the field of tyre manufacturing, the company has specialised its operations that support the needs of its customers. Every new product or service, designed or served, is worked on in a close interactive field with their customer.

3. Functionally, tyres on Indian roads differ because their working conditions alter from place to place. India is a composite of different demography and landscapes and hence it became essential to develop a specialised rubber compound. And, so they did it.

4. The company devised an ERP system in 1999 that will track the tyres of customers’ vehicles and give them the necessary inputs with precise information on tyres.

Tyresoles Works for You in this Manner:

A Customer can adopt these four steps to seek a retreaded tyre to put it for re-usage.

1. In Step 01 you are requested to place an order that can be done through an app or by making a call.

2. In step 02, the tyre soles staff will pick up the tyre from your select location.

3. In step 03, the company shall adopt the state-of-the-art facility and conduct the retreading procedure efficiently.

4. In step 04, the finished retreaded tyre shall be delivered to the desired location as instructed by you.

Tyresoles Apps at the Customer’s Service:

1. To benefit the customers and bring the entire information to their reach, the Tyresoles company is up with an app and  below are the list of features laid on the Tyresoles app.

2. You can place your tyre pickup request online with the nearest dealer.

3. With our impressive services, you will have your previous transactions recorded in the company’s history. The Customers may Verify the Previous as well as the Current transactions.

4. The app provides a provision to your convenience and from the app you can post the feedback, suggestions, or even complaints.

5. The web portal allows customers to make online payments in a hassle-free manner.

6. You shall receive the update of products and services information.

7. You can get the real-time status of your tyre, download, and print the statements or reports.

8. You can purchase ecomiles online, and post online requests for the company’s value added services.

Tyresoles conduct the retreading activity for tractors, trucks, LCVs, & OTR and price differs from product to product. In every product, you will see that there will be different tyre sizes and patterns therefore the price is calculated by adding GST to the basic price per tyre size/pattern. Below is an example of the price list for tractors.

tyre prices

Tyresoles Utilises the Best Form of Technology for Retreading:

1. Tyresoles incorporates the best technology that provides better mileage and it happens when the Tyre is made of maximum crown width and it ensures maximum ground coverage. The Tyre is cured with inflation and that operates just like the new tyre. The retreading process so employed gives the most balanced and symmetrical product.

2. Every product when treaded will be subjected to tensile strength, abrasion, and specific gravity.

3. The technology adopted by the Tyresoles will have the capability to seek complete control over tread formulation, tread design, product development, and in-house testing facilities.

4. Radial tyres need special expertise, and in the retreading radial markets, Tyresoles perform the best retreading work on the radial earthmover tyres. The retreading is conducted as per the international tyre brands and tread designs and it is achieved by the company’s state-of-the-art machinery.

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